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Post by [GMA]Dawn on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:07 am

This is a List of Frecuent questions you can have while playing LoS:

Q: I am new in the server, why my level is only 60?
A: When you make you first character it will be lv60, if you relog and make a new character, lv75 mode will be unlocked.

Q: Why other players have lv 76+ and I still at level 75?
A: You can level your character up to level 85 by earning Pink Star (200.000kills) in pvp each level.

Q: Can I get Rank Stat Points each time I level up?
A: No, you can only get Points from Vet Manager once, If you reset your stat points, you have to earn another Pink Star to claim all the points.

Q: I have 6 Letters, can a GM help me trade them for my reward?
A: No, Only Adm has rights to do it. If you need more details you should check this ->http://leagueofshaiya.forumotion.com/t10-about-letters

Q: Why can I see opposite faction characters in my own factions?
A: That is called Faction Change (FC), which you can have by donations. You keep the characters in your account, guild, items and names.

Q: Why Some players has some special names? Ex: [Sir]; [Best]; [<3], etc
A: These tags does not mean anything, they have just changed their name using Name Change (Donation Reward)

Q: What gear can I use in Naked PvP?
A: Lv1 Event armor found in the merchants in WC (WC altar drops helmet). Any weapon, cape and accesories.

Q: Can I buy other player's accounts?
A: Absolutely No, Your Account (and any other player) can not be Traded, or shared with friends. Doing this you risk your account gets blocked.

Q: A player is doing something illegal, what can I do?
A: Take Screenshot (SS) and Contact a Staff Member as fast as you can, if there is none online, you can report it here ->http://leagueofshaiya.forumotion.com/f4-reports

Q: I played LoS long time ago, why my account doesn't exist anymore?
A: After a long time of inactivity (3 months), accounts that are not used gets automatically deleted.

Q: How do I get Reward Points?
A: The only way to get Reward Points is voting for our server, you have to vote in all 4 websites before claiming your points, and you can vote once every 12 hours. You can vote here ->http://league-of-shaiy.ucoz.com/index/vote/0-14

Q: Can I open more than one account at same time?
A: Yes, as long as you do not join PvP, Naked or any other Event with those accounts.


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