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Post by [GMA]Dawn on Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:28 am

If you are new to server, and you are a bit lost, you may want to check this guide:

Once you download the game and create your account, you should run for first time LeagueOfShaiya.exe in order to update the game.

1) When you make your first character, it will be lv60, to make a lv75 one you just need to create a second character.

2) Now that you have your character created (Yay!). You should take a look at item mall, there are Resurrection rune, 30day packs, potions, some free armor, accesories, and useful items like movemente runes / teleportation stones.

3) You are now ready to PewPew, but you still have a long way to go. You may want some money first to get your gear ready, you can find easy Lv4 coins in the starting mobs in the area you spawn, (Beika, Albeageu / Aridon, Suteron). And better coins (Lv5) can be obtained at PvP maps, (1-15, 20-30, dd1, etc). You will need some money to invest in gear.

4) After that you should head to AH (Auction House - Bootlegery Recall Rune). There you can find free items like, Lapis, Lapisias, Rec Runes, Starting Weapons, etc.)

5) Now that you have finished your set, you may want to  join PvP, but if you are one of those who prefer to get better before joining the massacre, you maybe should look for some bosses. Kanos could be a good place, and also MMs help. (Check for more info)

There are more Armor gear than the starting one, Wedding set will be the next you use (Lv76) so you may want to start looking for it while you try to get some kills and get it ready. Same with Elite, Weapons are Lv78, Accesories goes from Level 78 to 81. And Elite armor goes up to Lv85.

Do not hesitate on getting everything fast!! The Fun in on PvP and Your Faction Needs you!!  


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