Naked Pvp Rules

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Naked Pvp Rules Empty Naked Pvp Rules

Post by [GM]Misheru on Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:28 pm

Naked PvP for all Levels Requires that you use Event Gears & Level 1 Shields.  

These are are Free in World Cup Arena

During Nakd the Following is not Allowed:

Wearing of any gears that are not Event gears or Level 1 shield will result in the Following:

     1st time  = warning
     2nd time = kick from server
     3rd time  = Jail

Killing Behind 2nd line of guards.  doing so will Result in the Following:

    1st time  = warning
    2nd time = kick from server
    3rd time  = Jail

Killing at the other Factions Spawn point can result in the Following:  

    Jail or resetting of all Stats & Kills.

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